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Not because I’m looking for my own personal redemption, but more because that’s the way we always wanted it to go.” He says he also identifies with other characters on the series, including Chip’s best friend Dennis, played by David Sullivan.

He started off writing characters “who embodied a lot of the traits in other people that I disliked.” The more he sketched out these characters, the more he started to realize: “Hey, wait, I do that too.” Arnett admits some critics were not kind in reviewing the first season. We’re not condoning it, we’re saying it happens and we always knew we wanted to see what the flip side of that was, and we get into it.

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He’s been quoted saying he “drank those years away” in describing his early experiences in Hollywood.

Arnett made so many failed pilots before 2003 that he had to be talked into doing the one that turned out to be his big break: “Arrested Development.” In writing “Flaked” with Chappell, Arnett says it was imperative “to make it as authentic as possible and to write what you know and what you identify with, and if we’re re-telling this story, we have to be honest and tell it this way.” But season 2, he says, is “not my story.” Chip hits rock bottom but “we did want to make it about redemption.

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He's adorable, has a sexy voice (Patti even admitted it got her, ahem, wet), but he asks way too many questions. He wants a pretty girl, but he also think the car needs gas (brains) to go. Nor should you give them the "Jewish Inquisition," as Michael did. Do: Add a "-licious" to the end of your screenname No guy is going to pick Jenny.

Domestic violence can be physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological actions or threats of actions that influence another person.… continue reading »

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