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06-Feb-2018 17:40

As a new survey shows that each of us gets through an average of four tins a week, we discover how they became such a staple of modern life.Today 5.5 billion cans of food are sold annually in the UK, down slightly from the peak of 6 billion in the 1980s.I am unaware as to shape of Canadian Spam cans, but those in the UK are definately not the same shape as corned beef cans.The Spam cans, whether large or small, regular or light, rectangular or round, do not taper.

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* French chef Nicolas Appert was the first to experiment with tins, in 1804.Previously he’d used old Champagne bottles but he began using metal cans, which were soldered shut and observed for several months.Those which had not swollen were deemed safe to eat.Mining in this area began its boom days back in 1863 when Henry Wickenburg discovered his famous Vulture Gold Mine.

The Vulture produced well over 200 million dollars until it was closed during World War II in 1942.

Europe produces about 25 billion tins of food every year, about the same as the US.

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