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I’m curious what your top three anime and anime music soundtracks would be. Three of my favorite animes of all time, soundtrack is amazing. It really is kind of a lost paradise, like, people don’t understand how much great composition has gone on in that field. There’s been a couple things in the past I’ve done where I’ve talked about that, the importance of the gaming music and how it is not a gimmick. There’s been a few different tributes I’ve done for video games, there was one called “Bowzer’s Ballads of Death of the Neutron Star,” that was when the president of Nintendo died, I wrote a track for him. Sometimes it comes that way, sometimes it’s just music, sometimes it’s just the way I’m saying stuff. There’s so many things, people like to think about astral traveling, astral projection, and try to get into the meditative states to bring it about, but at the end of the day, you don’t know until you’re actually gone. When you chose the album cover, were you thinking of all the liquid elements in the album? It’s not always clear if you’re in that zone or not.

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Thundercat’s currently touring behind an otherworldly, justly celebrated new album titled , but we managed to get him on the phone to discuss his central passions: music, video games, anime, and death.

Do you think genre is a useful thing for you, as a musician?

The album feels very mellow, very generous, like it comes out of a different time. One of the highlights for me on the album was “Tokyo,” where you’re going back through memories of zipping through that city with a friend of yours.

At the same time you have all of these technological themes and content. You’re talking about blowing all your money on anime, and so on. For the record, there’s also , which is what everyone really wanted. So in terms of video games, are there any composers you really respect?

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